April 24, 2020

Why Suicide?

Just in a single day I read of two suicide cases. Young people with a whole lot of the world ahead of them.
The story never changes, depression! Both had left cues on their social media handles of their imminent demise. One had been writing about it for over a year! I went over to her Facebook page, it was full of dark and suicidal poems while people hailed her on for being a terrific writer. She called suicide “voluntary euthanasia” and fantasied about the whole idea to the cheering on of her “friends”. Wrote “fictional stories and poems” with her name on them clearly romanticizing the idea of committing suicide. Clearly, they had issues, deep issues, they fought their demons the best way they knew how, but I guess they lost, they are both six feet below now. They both lost their battle with depression. The world is on lock-down,many are and will still get depressed, distractions are fewer which makes it the easiest and the worst of times to be depressed.

Have I ever been depressed?. Yes! A resounding yes at that. I think the question should be; “Do I get depressed?!” And the answer is still a big “YES!”. I’m quite convinced everyone one does. Life isn’t fair to anyone. We exist as emotional beings, meaning that it is very normal to feel a certain way about something going on in our lives, it makes us human. We feel hurt, we feel sad, we feel encouraged, we feel discouraged, we feel neglected, we feel accepted, we feel wanted, we feel unwanted, we feel hate and we feel love amongst many other feelings. We can feel and that’s one of the numerous ways we are reminded of our humanity.

Can we control our feeling? Most definitely, we can! We don’t always know we can or how to, but we can. We are created with so much strength, God didn’t make us weaklings. He put strength in us, we are stronger than we know. We most of the time only know how strong we are when being strong is the only option we’ve got. Depression comes with an intense perpetual feel of extreme sadness. While it is okay to be sad, it is not okay to dwell on the sadness for too long, it’s okay to grief, but it’s not okay to make grieving a norm. It normal to get depressed, but it is not normal to dwell in depression. It’s okay to feel someone might hate you, but it is not okay to think that everyone hates you, that way you have started feeding your depression. I’m not certain I know what exactly you are going through right now. But I can assure you that are not alone, trust me it isn’t an uncommon situation. Many other people have experienced such and are still experiencing it and are coming out stronger. The world hasn’t ended. Do you not trust any human anymore, you believe they will never understand?. Trust me, there’s nothing new under the heavens. You too can be a beacon of light to someone in future. You are amazing, you are loved! You will get pass this. Don’t give in to depression.

What if there’s an afterlife? What if suicide is not the solution? What if it ends nothing? What if you leave to more sufferings in the afterlife for taking your own life? What if suicide leads to hell where there is everlasting torment? What if all that is true? Why not speak up and seek for help today, there are people trained to help you. Many people’s lives have been saved by them.

Oh, you have made up your mind to die and there is nothing any ‘religious nobody’ can say about it. It’s okay, but why don’t you try and exhaust all the options before acting out your plan. After all, you have nothing to loose. You could ask Jesus for help, see him as a friend. He sees and cares, he has been waiting ever since. He’s a gentleman, he doesn’t always go to places he’s not invited. Invite him on your own and watch your life take a new turn. He does it better than anyone. He genuinely cares.

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  • I love the last two sentences, Jesus does it better than anyone, he genuinely cares. Most people actually becomes one’s friend for selfish and ulterior motives, and I think many have gone into the state of depression as a result of breach of trust and disappointments from people they truly love wholeheartedly. My dear, Jesus is all we’ve got, he alone understands and cares for us genuinely. Thanks for the writ, more anointing dear.

  • Oh yes!! Jesus is the best friend anyone could ever have, human beings are mere dust and Clay which are prone to changes, they can love today and hate tommorow, embrace now and reject next time, but Jesus is the only true friend ready to accept us the way we are, ready to provide answers to all the questions we’ve got in our hearts.suicide is not a way out of depression but a way to eternal damnation…… great job dear sis

  • Hmmmm
    There’s more to life beyond the present gloom…
    And thanks to the “gentleman like no other”…He just about solves all problems and remaims the “cure for all ills”….
    A great writ, Mama T…. Keep up the good work
    These messages deserve larger audiences…

  • Hmmm. A timely one indeed. You just saved lives, you can’t imagine how many, now and in the future, with this Revelation (in form of a write up).

  • Wao! What a thoughtful write up, pls keep it up. Many people are suffering From depression unknownly and consistent mood swing, and the society is not helping the issue. may God help us.

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