February 6, 2020

Making Progress

Sometimes we get downcast and discouraged, we look on our timelines on social media platforms and it’s like every other person is making progress except us. We see everyone beaming with smiles in their pictures. We keep wondering how they made it to be so happy. No weekend goes without at least one of your friends getting married, you keep daydreaming of yours and it doesn’t even look like it’s in sight. It’s like everyone else you know have relocated to “the abroad: the land flowing with milk and honey” while you don’t even know the address of the immigration office in your state let alone owning a passport.

Social media has made it even worse with the numerous rise of social media influencers, many of which are miserable people themselves looking for cheap popularity, he or she comes up as a perfect person with a perfect life, he has it all in life, in short he has never failed at anything according to him and if you’re his “mentee” and you are failing then you as well might end up as a failure. But here you are, you just failed your professional exams for the third time in a row. What else can be worse! “Maybe you are not just made for success.” Well, that is a big fat lie!

The  truth is that, everyone has his or her own struggles to bare, in those same tough situations you currently are in or even worse, we’ve all been broke (well, maybe not everyone), sick, heart broken and disappointed at one point in life. We’ve felt this same way you’ve feeling today sometimes ago and we still do feel so from time to time. But most of the time, we only show off the good times, it’s not popular to see people tell you of their stories or experiences until they are over it, only then is it called a success story.

Ask all the happy and successful people we wish we had their lives and marriages, if they would be honest enough, we would most likely not wish we have half their struggles, but the truth is that those successes that attracted us to them and made them who they are now came through the struggles and hard times.

Putting unnecessary stress and pressure on one’s self, might not only lead to crash-landing, it might also injure ones health and you can only be successful  when you are alive. Sometimes all you need do is to keep looking at the bright side of life and keep taking the right steps in the direction of progress, it might be slower than we planned and envisioned, but if we keep being steady and focused as we go, we keep making progress and in no time we would also have our own success story to share. We would make progress!

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