February 27, 2019


“I’ll treat you like an egg,” Kevin said, his eyes radiating so much love and affection. He gazes always had a way of warming up my heart. “Boiled or raw egg?” I asked sticking out my tongue playfully. He shook his head and laughed. I love to see him laugh. ” You are not serious, you know I won’t treat you like a boiled egg, it needs less care compared to a raw egg” he replied smiling at my mischievousness. I enjoyed teasing and making him laugh, one thing I never could do with Patrick.

He was awfully rigid, I doubt if I ever saw more than incisors in our three years long relationship. He always had “more important businesses” to attend to than to listen or talk to me. He came on dates looking tired, with little or no concentration. He would get angry at the slightest provocation, I don’t think I ever got a worthy apology from him when he misbehaves, he believes he was infallible. I wonder how I managed to stay with him that long.

Here is Kevin, he would do anything to make me laugh and feel loved. He was quick to take responsibilities for his actions and make amends when necessary. I never cease to wonder why it took me so long to walk away from Patrick. Maybe I loved him the blind way. Just when I was thinking of giving up on finding love, he came along, a perfect gentleman. He didn’t have as much money has Patrick but he was diligent in what he was doing, very optimistic and self-driven, he hopes to expand his business soon. He loves me and shows it, just the way I have always wanted to be loved.

We had met about a year after I broke up with Patrick while planning a friend’s wedding. He was one of the wedding vendors I had contracted to do the catering. Not having the lowest quotations, his reviews and customer service was the best of all the vendors I had sampled. He spoke convincingly, giving attention to details and delivered just as we negotiated. That already spoke a lot about his character. I decided to give love another trial with him and it has been nothing short of bliss. He made his intentions known on our second date, he wasn’t just dating me to pass time, he wants me to go the forever journey with him.

A man that knows what he wants and goes for it without wasting time. That is something! He proposed on our seventh date, I said yes. And started preparing for our forever journey together. I am always grateful I took the decision to leave Patrick, if not I would have missed out on such an amazing man as Kevin. They just as good as he is, his mum treats me no less than her daughter. Charity truly begins at home, after all, an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.

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