July 15, 2019


“Can you see what I am seeing? Everywhere is dark! Dangerous creatures around there is a very deep pit in front of me!! I see snakes there!!!” He shouted, his voice laden with fear, pain and sorrow.

“We see nothing, you must be hallucinating because it is absolutely impossible to see such here, we are in your sitting room not some sort of jungle.” She said looking rather worried and confused.

“That’s what he has been saying for the past few weeks, I made a complain to his doctor about this the last time we were in his clinic ” His care giver said.

From the little display I had seen in the few hours I had spent there, I could almost ascertain that  he was suffering from some sort of mental condition, it looked more like depression to me than anything else or maybe extreme sadness. He didn’t appear to be the usual bubbling person I used to know, the smiles and laughter all gone and replaced with fear, negativity and anxiousness. The doctor had prescribed some antidepressants and discharged him. I knew he need much more than that, maybe the service of a psychotherapist. Who knows, he might have a better idea as to how to handle this situation. Some more care,  attention and encouragement. Making sure he doesn’t add to the increasing numbers of individuals attempting suicide daily.

“When did depression gain this much publicity in our community?” I couldn’t help but ask myself. It was almost not a word when I was  growing up. I thought about a scholar who just lost the battle for his life to depression, it had started this same way. Nowadays, there is a news of someone loosing it to depression, taking his or her own life in the most unimaginable way almost every week. Leaving questions of “why” on the minds of several people and in some way giving encouragement to fellow depressed individuals that they can also follow their foot steps and end it one way or the other.

Someone said depression is your body and mind telling you that you are tired and that you have reached the end of your journey. When you feel depressed, sometimes due to inadequate awareness about the condition, you might not even be able to put a name to it. But it is depression if you find zero interest in anything anymore, you feel empty, alone, miserably motionless and nothing seems to make any meaning to you. As far as you are concerned, the world should be over already, you feel no one cares about you. Simply put, your world seems to be over. This hurtful feelings could be triggered by anything: disappointments, loss of a job, death of a loved one, to several other things.

I know this because I have been there, I slid into depression following the death of a very dear relation, as at then I had heard next to nothing about the word depression. It might have been a mild form of depression but I knew something wasn’t right. Everything seemed so small to me, I lost my usual self that pays so much attention to details. I would even cross the road without looking well, even vehicles looked like empty cans to me, nothing made much sense to me, I just wanted to be alone. It literally felt like I was loosing my mind. Well, I never thought of suicide, but I felt the world needed to end and wondered why everyone else didn’t see it  that way.

All this time, I had a friend who really cared and stood by me during this trying times, I have never enjoyed complaining so I didn’t tell him much but he made it a point of duty to visit as often as possible, sometimes more than once a week so I had something to look forward to and for that reason I felt the world should go on. I eventually got better and I know now that not everyone gets as lucky as I was.  Maybe all you need is a friend, a listening friend. Trust me, there are still people like that all over. Simply speak up. Someone really cares about you. Please seek help; medical and spiritual help. By spiritual I am a Christian, so I know Jesus, I did try him and he worked for me. Last but not least, find your purpose in life and pursue it. Say no to depression!

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